Adopt a Cool Cat This June

The month of June traditionally conjures up images of warm afternoons, barbeques, and trips to the pool. And, you aren’t wrong. June is all of those summerific things. But did you know that June is also Adopt a Shelter Cat Month? With June being the height of kitten season, it’s the perfect time for animal rescue organizations across the nation to encourage folks to consider a cat when looking to add a new pet to their home.

Advocating and offering support for shelter animals is something Web Strategies has always been passionate about. We proudly support the current marketing efforts of both our Local SPCA branch and Dakota’s Dream Animal Rescue, a non-profit that focuses primarily on high-risk and critical cats in need.

If you follow our social media (you do, right?), you’ll be very familiar with our office cats, Commissioner Gordon and Bruce Wayne. Our kitty mascots found their way into our hearts and home base in the last year when our Managing Director found kitten Gordon in a box on the side of the road, and Bruce came our way through a friend at the SPCA shortly thereafter.

We get it. Not everyone has the luxury of bringing cats into their workplace or home but don’t despair! There are lots of ways to show your support for Adopt A Shelter Cat Month:

1. Spread the Word!

Share posts about adoptable cats on your social media accounts. Let friends and family know about that cute cat you saw online.

2. Donate!

Rescue organizations are always in need of cash donations, but they also take food, cleaning supplies, old towels, and blankets. Check out your local rescue’s website to see what’s on their wishlist.

3. Volunteer!

Spending an afternoon or weekend day at your local shelter is so worthwhile. You’ll feel great about helping out, and your time will be so appreciated by rescue employees and animals alike.

4. Foster!

Shelters are always in need of fosters. Summertime is prime kitten time, and pregnant moms often need a safe place to give birth. Contact your local rescue to find out how to get involved.

The past two years have been tough on our shelters. A lack of foot traffic, funding, and supplies has devastated organizations already struggling to maintain operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. More than ever, they need our help. Bringing a cat in need into your home is certainly the goal this month, but if that isn’t an option, we hope you’ll find another way to show your support.

From all the animal lovers here at Web Strategies (and our adopted cat-friends, too), thanks for caring!

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