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360-degree Videos Boost Video Engagement

Thanks to HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and others, virtual reality is skyrocketing in popularity. But even for users without high-priced VR gear, you can still provide an immersive experience in the form of 360-degree videos.

What is 360-Degree Video?

360-degree videos (also known as VR or virtual reality) are clips displaying a spherical scenario where the camera has recorded all possible angles of the environment.

What’s great about watching 360-degree videos is the ability to interact with and choose the content you’re viewing. On a computer, you can click and drag the mouse on the video to see different angles. You get an even better viewing experience on mobile. Simply move your smartphone around to see different angles.

How Can 360 Video Help My Marketing?

360-degree videos aren’t just trendy – they get real results. Magnifyre ran a split test comparing a regular video with a 360-degree video. To test the two, they posted each video on Facebook and promoted it with the same ad.

The results? The 360-degree video received 28.81% more views. Better yet, twice as many viewers watched the 360-degree video all the way through compared to the regular video.

That to say, 360-degree videos get real results. They’re not a meaningless trend.

You can see an example of a 360-degree video created by Sara Dietschy below:

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