10 Types of Visual Content That Get Shared Like Crazy

visual content

For small businesses and brands, it’s important to have social engagement and have your content shared. Below, we look at 10 Visual Social Media Post that Get Shared Like Crazy


  1. High quality stock photography

Your audience will sense a cheesy stock photo, but stock photos can also make your brand seem more credible with high quality and relevant images.


  1. Screenshots
    Screenshots are a great way to share work-in-progress projects and other visual information.


  1. Infographics

Everyone loves a good infographic. It’s a great visual piece that showcases information and data that may seem unattractive. Businesses can find one or use an online source to design their own.


  1. Personal Photographs

Another way to give your audience an inside look of your businesses and upcoming projects. It allows the audience to see what your business actually does.


  1. Behind the scenes shots of your workplace

Same as personal photographs, here is another way to give your audience an inside look of your businesses and upcoming projects.


  1. Quote Graphics

A quote graphic is a simple, beloved, and highly shareable visual post.


  1. Original design

Generic images are shared over and over again. Creating unique content gives your business and brand a chance of becoming memorable.


  1. Images that reflect the essence of your brand

When considering images for your brand, think of what made the audience choose you over competitors.


  1. Action Shots

Stimulate the imagination of your audience with an action or experience shot.


  1. Images with a striking color palette

Choose great images with great colors. Consider: what are the feelings you want to evoke from your social media audience?


Here at Web Strategies, we can help you and your business create a strong and successful social media campaign. We work with our clients to establish a bond and understand what they want to get out of their campaigns.


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