Is Your Business Using the Right Social Media?

It’s great to see so many businesses using social media to build their brand and reach their audience. In todays fast pace world of technology, social media is constantly changing, and is a must have for online marketing and communication.

However, many businesses try to use as many social media sites as they can. This can be time consuming, overwhelming, and annoying to the business owner. Also, having too many social profiles that aren’t necessary can have a negative affect.

So how can your business stay afloat in this always-changing world of social media? What sites do you need to use to stay relevant? Take a look at the breakdowns of some of the more popular choices to see what you may be missing.


Facebook is the number one social media site for anyone and any business. About 73% of the US adult population (18+) is on Facebook. It is a great tool for any business because it allows direct communication with the audience. A user can keep their followers up-to-date, share photos, videos, thoughts, and more. Your follower can provide feedback and ratings, which can be used as a helpful referral tool.

Facebook’s advertising is an easy and well-focused online advertising tool. A user can now target their ad to a very specific demographic, such as by job title or categories of interest. All businesses should be using Facebook, if not for the advertising, just for the business awareness.


Twitter is known for it’s fast pace and up-to-date information. Twitter is the second most notable platform out there with 18% of U.S. adults using it. A user is allowed to use only 140 characters, which allows the reader a simple quick update. Twitter’s users are known to follow various brands over any other social media site.

Any business can use twitter, but twitter is most successful for in-the-moment news. Restaurants, retail, event venues, and service providers can share specials and sales that are happening right now. It is also a great tool for companies to post about new offers, events, recommendations, contest or giveaways, and updates on company news. It is a great relationship and communication tool.





This visually friendly site has about 17% of US adults using it. It is the fifth most popular platform, and the 2nd in devoted users. This platform is based around posting images and recently 15-second video. This is a great tool for businesses that have visually appealing photos of their goods and services.

Due to its popularity, many businesses want to use Instagram, but don’t know what to post. If you are lacking ideas and you’re not a visually friendly business, use the tool as a look at what’s behind the scenes. Take pictures of your employees having fun, the latest office party, or setting up for the big meeting. Users like the personal level of the business. They like to see that there are real people behind the scenes and it shows your personality.


This social media platform is the 3rd most popular in the US with 21% of US adults using it (84% of those are female). The platform is very user friendly and quite visual. It started as an “invite only” site, which sprung its popularity and audiences curiosity.

Pinterest is perfect for any e-commerce and sales. The average Pinterest user logs on to find great ideas and referrals for DIY projects, fashion and beauty, best products and services to use and more.

The user has the option to re-pin the image for later or go straight to a site to buy the product or one similar. The site can also be used as a business awareness tool, by posting fun and exciting images and pieces of helpful information out to its users.


With over 4 billion videos viewed a day and 3 billion hours of video viewed each month, YouTube is an excellent social media site for many businesses.  YouTube can be used in a variety of ways. Popular videos on YouTube are presentations, how to slideshows, important tips of information, and a variety of fun and creative ways showcasing products and services.

For marketing and advertising, YouTube allows the user to create a channel that reflects your businesses brand. YouTube also allows users to share to any social media site to reach multiple audiences. Videos can be as long as you like, although it is recommended to keep them short and sweet to engage the audience.

When diving into social media, it can be confusing, frustrating, and overwhelming. Picking the right social media campaign is not easy for any business. Web Strategies is here to help you choose the right social media sites and assist with your social media campaign.

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