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WordPress Training That is Specific to Your Website

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Whether you’ve never used WordPress or need to learn more about the ins and outs of your website, we have your back. We know there are many different resources out there that offer WordPress training, but they are not specific to your website.

Our WordPress training allows us to give you hands-on experience with your WordPress site that you might not get otherwise or be able to understand if you were to watch or read a tutorial online.

We’ll show you how to handle your own website (even if it’s just the small stuff) so that you are confident in creating new content and managing ongoing updates on your own. We offer basic to advanced WordPress training–customized for your specific needs and goals.

What to expect during WordPress training

You have the wrong idea if you expect to receive lecture-style training, a lengthy PowerPoint presentation, and generic handouts where you sit back and listen to someone speak. Be prepared for an interactive, hands-on learning experience.

During the training, we walk through your website and identify the items that are common to every WordPress website. Then, we’ll get into your specific website’s unique challenges and structure. Come prepared to get involved, take notes and learn a lot! Don’t forget to bring your laptop. Our lessons will equip you with exactly what you need to make informed decisions and work with confidence. The length of the training session will vary depending on your specific needs.

Next Steps

Give us a call. We’ll discuss your website goals and challenges. Understanding what you want helps us customize your WordPress training for your unique needs. Already know the WordPress basics? Great! Your training experience can be more advanced. This first conversation is also a great time to ask any additional questions about the process.

Then we’ll get things started by setting a date for your training.

Whether you have never used WordPress or want to advance your skills, our WordPress training allows you to learn what you need when it’s convenient. You can train at your own pace and then build upon it as you go. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to schedule a training session.

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