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What Shows Are We Watching While We Work?

Here at Web Strategies we have the luxury of doing our work while watching or listening to whatever we feel like. This week, I collected answers about the series we’ve recently been watching. If you’re curious about what we’re watching while we’re plugging away at your website, look no further.

  1. The White Lotus (HBO Max)
    Guests and staff at a luxury Hawaiian resort uncover dark secrets and personal dramas over one week.
  2. Emily In Paris (Netflix)
    Emily moves to Paris for a job, facing cultural clashes and romantic adventures in her new life.
  3. The Leftovers (HBO Max)
    After 2% of the world’s population vanishes, the remaining people struggle with loss and mystery.
  1. Unforgotten (PBS)
    Detectives uncover long-buried secrets while solving cold cases in this gripping British crime drama.
  2. Fallout (Prime)
    Set in a post-apocalyptic world, survivors navigate dangerous territories and hidden threats.
  3. Severance (Apple TV)
    Employees undergo a procedure to separate work and personal memories, leading to eerie consequences.
  1. Thank you, next (Netflix)
    A reality series where broken-hearted people seek closure and self-improvement after tough breakups.
  2. FBI Series
    FBI agents tackle high-stakes cases to protect New York City, blending intense drama and thrilling action.
  3. Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Netflix) – series
    Married spies discover their next target is each other, leading to explosive action and undercover intrigue.

Between the three of us there’s not much we haven’t seen. Have you seen any of these shows? Let us know what you would recommend for us next.

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