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Happy Apple Blossom!

Although downtown residents may have mixed feelings about Apple Blossom festivities, we here at Web Strategies actually enjoy it! With our office located between parade routes (Amherst between Braddock and Washington), our offices will be closed Thursday May 2nd, and Friday May 3rd while we work from home! 

If you need assistance please reach out via our ticketing system.

We’ll be back to normal operations on Monday May 6th. 

Happy Bloom! Be safe out there!

Apple Blossom Web Strategies Fun Facts:

  1. Did you know our developer Emily Butler won the Apple Pie Baking contest junior division at Marker Miller Farm Market in 2009 at age 14!
  2. Our managing director Faye lived on the parade route from 2014 to 2015!
  3. At an Apple Blossom parade party Faye was attending at a friend’s house in 2018, Sean Astin hopped out of his parade car and joined the cookout!
  4. Keri and Beth both opt to stay as far away from Apple Blossom festivities as possible. (We hear ya, it’s wild out here.)

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