What If Social Media Disappeared?

If you’re a regular reader of our blog posts, you already know the value we place on a consistent and targeted social media presence as a marketing tool. But what if social media disappeared tomorrow? No more Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube – nothing. Would you have a marketing leg to stand on? 

It’s very easy to lean on social media as the sole online presence of a business because it’s easy, it’s (mostly) free, and most of us already know how to use it. We are also regularly marketed to on our preferred social media platforms so we know what it looks like. The problem is that none of us actually own our social media accounts or our followers.

I’ll give you a minute to sit with that.

That’s right, friends! Facebook owns you. Instagram owns you. You have no claim to your online presence if your only presence is on social media. That is why it is so important to diversify your marketing efforts.

So what as a business owner do you actually own on the internet? Your website and your email list. I’m going to proceed under the assumption that we all have updated, fully functioning and useful websites (if you don’t, WHY NOT??). Why is having an email list important? Because it is the strongest form of communication between you and your client list, and the best way to build trust between potential customers and your brand. In order to grow your business in the long term, you need a way to regularly connect directly with people in a space that you own. Each newsletter doesn’t have to be a direct sell, but simply a means of connecting your business and yourself with potential customers. 

If you’ve found that your marketing efforts are stalling or if you’re interested in diversifying your strategy, we’re here to help! Reach out and let’s get you seen!

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