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Spring into SEO with these Website Tips

Everyone knows that SEO is important but no one knows where to start! It can be difficult, especially over time, to create a site that works with search engines and not against them. And what better time than the beginning of Q2 to start reviewing your site for important markers for search engine optimization. Here are some tips when reviewing your website pages and what to look for when it comes to SEO.

Make sure each page has a singular H1 title

Heading levels are used by code and browsers to interpret what kinds of text are on the page. Search engines also use this information to help display relevant information from search terms. It’s important to have one singular focus per page and to only have one primary heading or page title. It is often the largest title on the page and should only be used once to make search engines (and your users) clear about what the subject of the page is about.

Make sure each page has enough information

Although of course we want to make sure we’re providing our users with enough information about our services, it is also important to give search engines the recommended number of words per page. It can be challenging to find enough things to say about a service or product, but the more you can describe and explain the benefit of the product or service, the more search engines will be able to use this to help others locate you.

Make sure each page has internal and external links

Cross linking is an important part of creating a strong SEO friendly page. Internal links are ones that direct users towards another part of your site and external links are ones that point people away from your site. Both can be equally valuable resources for your users. Creating these links will add connections between sites which is essentially what the internet is all about.

Making sure each page has one clear focus and one H1 heading, enough information, and internal and external links is a great way to spruce up your pages if they’re feeling lackluster. If you’re feeling stuck with this or want more ways to optimize your site for search engines, give us a call or schedule a strategy for us to review your site and provide feedback on your content specifically!

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