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Industries we Serve (Plus Examples)

These days, it doesn’t matter what kind of business you operate, everyone needs a website. We’ve worked with many, many different businesses from a variety of industries. Each comes with its own vernacular and processes and preferences for how they’d like their site presented. Even though each site is completely unique we’ve built sites for some recurring industries. Here are some of the common industries we work with.

Non-Profit organizations

We are always happy to help non-profit organizations achieve their goals. They typically need explanations of how they serve the community and easy ways to donate or get involved with volunteering. Examples include Winchester Area SPCA, Healthy Families NSV, Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge.


Websites for artists and creatives are always some of the best websites to create. We have worked with many photographers and videographers to create strong portfolio websites to showcase their work and services. Painters, florists, and galleries have also trusted us to create websites for them. We love working alongside other creatives to set them up for success.


Serving Frederick County’s medical community has been a great honor. We believe our client’s customers should be able to find information easily and get help when they need it. Several examples are Bone and Joint Specialists, Society of Social Workers Leadership in Health Care, and Blue Ridge Eye Specialists.

Food & Drink

Of course, we also create websites for many restaurants in the surrounding area. For this industry we focus on creating menus that users can access from a mobile device while on the go and showcase their unique spaces. We work with breweries, butchers, as well as many restaurants in Olde Town Winchester.


We work with many builders in the area and take great pride in displaying their work. Their needs are to clearly showcase their past projects as well as explain services available. Contact information needs to be easily found in many places.

As you can see, we work with many different industries and other businesses in the Winchester and Frederick County area and beyond! Each site is so different even within its industry. From retail to professional services, to home and auto, we can help build you a website that fits YOU! Give us a call at 540-869-5991 or give us some information to get the ball rolling. We’d love to hear all about your website project!

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