Signs You Need a New Website

Look, let’s face it. If you’re questioning whether you need a new website or not, you probably do. It can be easy to resist change especially when your current site isn’t causing much trouble. But just getting by is the bare minimum when it comes to websites. You’re not doing your business any favors by prolonging the inevitable. Technology ages so rapidly these days that there’s no real harm in getting a refresh. We find that the lifespan of a website is approximately three to five years before things start going downhill. Let’s look at some signs that you might need a new website.

Broken Functionality

This one seems straightforward. If there’s a form on your site that no longer works or a shopping cart area that no longer performs how it should, it might be time for a new site. If users cannot perform the functions they need to on your site, they may leave, or worse, never come back. A partially broken site isn’t doing your business any favors. Keeping your site current will minimize the risk of your site even breaking to begin with.

Mobile Responsiveness

Another key indicator that you need a new site is not having a site that is mobile responsive. With the majority of website users accessing websites from their mobile phones, it’s important to make sure that your site is mobile-friendly. All of our website builds go through a full testing phase to ensure that they are completely mobile responsive so your users won’t have any issues accessing your content.

Insecure site

You might need a new website if you don’t have a secure lock. If you look at the top of this webpage to the left of the URL bar, there’s a lock symbol. This denotes a security certificate that has been issued for the site. People tend to trust secure sites and avoid insecure sites. Even Google now has been promoting sites that have a secure certificate over ones that don’t. If you host with us, we make sure your site has that certificate.

Deprecated Code

Static websites that were written in old programming languages our outdated versions of programming languages have no flexibility and are often not forward-compatible at all. These websites are often security risks for malware as well as older code can be full of holes that hackers can infiltrate. Even with WordPress sites, there are themes and plugins that have not been updated in so long that they become deprecated and incompatible with future programming versions.

Whatever the case may be, bite the bullet and get a new website. Your clients and your business will be better for it and you might end up generating more leads in the end. Never gone through a redesign before? We are experts and guide you through each step so you know what to expect along the way. We’ve seen it all when it comes to websites and provide a unique solution to each site we build so that it serves your needs. Contact us or call for more information.

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