Pinterest Might Be The Next Step In Your Marketing Plan

With over 75 billion ideas, with something for everyone from food to health to tech to inspiration….Pinterest makes it hard not to join their social platform. With a total number of 150 million active users each month and 72% of Pinners using Pinterest to decide what to buy offline, 93% of active pinners said they use Pinterest to plan for purchases and 87% said they’ve purchased something because of Pinterest; it’s a marketers dream world of sales reach and leads. Since 2014 Pinterest has made leaps and bounds in its growth and marketing span. Stemming from viable links, easy sharing to all other social media, visual attraction, an endless chain of information for continuous scrolling makes for an ideal environment for anyone searching for references, ideas, inspirations and more. The simple act of hitting the “pin it” button allows a user to quickly save an article or link they’d like to reference again. With a basic click and confirm you can save now and read later. Whether the users actually follow through with their intent has minimal effect on the benefit you received from having your information “pinned”. As a business, once you’ve successfully gotten your website link onto a Pinterest board the opportunities for multiple views and reach are never-ending! People can share, pin, comment and repin and the original link (back to your site) will forever remain. Gaining this potential reach is acknowledged by Google and helps improve your SEO. With such great statistics, easy platform, and continued improvement, it’s no surprise Pinterest just “scored $150 Million in funding“!

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