Password Checkup

Almost half of Americans have or continue to use weak passwords. Even more shocking is when those passwords are things like “password” or “1234abcd”! There’s a reason why newly created accounts require an upper and lower case letter, a unique character and numbers, as well as contain a minimum character count. As “hackers” get smarter, the threat to your personal accounts increases. When you allow your password to be weak, you become easy prey. To add insult to injury, many internet users use the same password for nearly all their accounts. Once they figure it out, they have easy access to all of your password-protected accounts.

Don’t get us wrong! We are right there with you in sharing the frustrations of creating stronger passwords, having multiple passwords, and having to update them from time to time. Not only managing our accounts but also hundreds of client’s accounts can be quite a tedious task, but a completely necessary one.

Don’t take the risk and assume it won’t happen to you. Protect your accounts with the minimal action of creating stronger passwords.

“Google released the Password Checkup extension for Chrome in February, which alerts users if they enter a password and username combination which is known to be compromised. That extension has been downloaded by more than 650,000 people and has been used to scan 1.5 percent of overall sign-ins.

In the near future, Chrome will come with Password Checkup built in so users won’t need to download an extension or take any extra steps to use the feature. Google says it is providing this tool due to the increasing importance of security issues.”




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