How To Make Email Marketing Work

Some companies consider email marketing to be “old school” or even dead. With the growing popularity of social media, email marketing has been placed on the back burner. Social media is a great tool and every company should be using it , but companies should be using all the tools in their marketing toolkit, including email marketing.

Luke Guy provides tips about making the most of your email marketing in 11 Sure-fire Tips on How to Make Sure Your Email Marking Works.

1. Keep it short and sweet

It is important to keep your email short, sweet, and informative. Your audience is most likely on the go and reading the email from their mobile device.

2. Hold the links to one (maybe two)

This is still a new concept for email marketing, but too many links may actually hurt your open rate. Google’s “nanny” filter may place the email in Gmail’s “Promotions” or “social” tab, not the primary tab. This concept is not an all or nothing, but defiantly something to consider.

3. Include as much information about the reader

Write the email as if you are talking to the reader. Make it as personal and possible by including their name. It is suggested to divide your mailing list into groups such as when they signed up, clients, or supporters. This will help with how you are going to write the email.

4. Be consistent with delivery

Have a set day that emails are sent out. It will make your life easier because it will be on schedule and your audience will expect it. Between 10am and 3pm are suggested as appropriate times.

5. Every email must add value to reader

The email should be of importance to the reader. It can be a reminder of events, important dates, or a blog post that they may be interested in.

6. No Pictures

It has been proven that email does better without images. Google’s “nanny” filter will pick up on them and send them to the promotions or social tab. As described above in #2, this is not an all or nothing concept, just a tip to consider.

7. No Sales Pitch

No one likes being sold, especially in an email. Adding a sales pitch to your email may make it sound like spam and will steer your audience away.

8. No RSS

If you are looking for higher open rates, turn off the RSS. Gmail picks up on RSS and sends your email to the promotions or social tabs. Google will see your emails as spam and hide them from your audience.

9. Text form in HTML

Your company can track a message if it is in HTML instead of plain text. It allows the option to add links and images if wanted.

10. You must have an amazing subject line

This is the line that grabs the reader’s attention. Your audience will see the subject of the email next to your company’s name. You want to make an impression and grab the reader’s attention.

11. Reply to messages

Always reply to your readers. It completes the communication circle. By replying to messages, it allows your readers to know that you are a real person.

Every company is different and not all these tips are going to work for you. Luckily, Web Strategies is here to assist you and your company with the tools and know-how for successful web and digital marketing.

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