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How to Use Chat GPT to Get Ahead with Your Marketing

AI programs like Chat GPT and Chat AI are all of the rage right now and there have been some polarizing views about their use. Is it considered cheating to use AI as a resource? Does this eliminate critical thinking skills? Will my content sound like a robot? Although some of these concerns are valid, I believe that using AI in marketing will be the predominant method of content creation for marketing teams in the future. AI is here to stay, and we can use it instead of fighting against it.

If you’re not familiar with what Chat GPT is, well, I asked it to introduce itself and here’s what it said: “I am an AI language model developed by OpenAI, known as ChatGPT. Trained on a vast amount of diverse text data, I have been designed to assist and engage in conversations with users like you. My purpose is to provide helpful and informative responses across a wide range of topics, while striving to understand and generate human-like text.”

Now that we know what Chat GPT is, let’s explore ways we can use it to get ahead with our marketing:

1. Ask it to write a social media caption using keywords related to the topic
Example: “Write an Instagram caption for a resource titled ‘Which Social Media Platforms Should You Be On?’. Caption should not be longer than 100 words and should be light and conversational while also adding keywords related to social media marketing.”

2. Use it for brainstorming sessions when creating your content calendar
Example: “Think of five common questions people have when it comes to _____”. This can help get the ball rolling in terms of topics. Then ask it to drill down into one of those questions and expand on the answers.

3. Starting a blog post
Now I don’t recommend using AI to completely write your blog posts, although it will do that. Instead, have it come up with blog post titles for you as it relates to a specific topic and then have it give you an outline for one of those. You can then use that outline to write the blog post and publish it.

These are just a few simple examples of how to get a leg up in your marketing using Chat GPT. Of course, there’s much more complex and detailed prompts that it can handle, but Think of it as a tool, not a replacement for unique marketing. It’s up to you to use these ideas and adapt them to your business. I’m excited to see where Chat GPT takes marketing in the future!

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