Hosting is More Than Just a Place to Hang Your Hat

Don’t host with Web Strategies but need to make sure your website is healthy? Check out our new plan just for you!

Our “Just the Basics” package is designed for organizations concerned about web security, but already have web hosting with a different company. Even if you host with a small firm or big box web host, we can still monitor the health of your website and help when issues arise. This package includes:

Malware Monitoring & Firewall Protection by Sucuri

Sucuri’s firewall protection helps to keep hackers and malware from getting into your website. Should anything get through the firewall, we use malware monitoring to ensure that your website is monitored and malware free 24/7/365. *Malware clean-up is offered at a rate of $100 per incident.

Uptime Monitoring

Using Sucuri’s server-side monitoring tools and Pingdom’s server monitoring service, we know when your website is up and when there is a problem. This enables us to quickly address any website or server issues so that any downtime is minimal.

Security & Encryption

Our plan includes the installation of an SSL Certificate to ensure your website is safe for your users and to give you peace of mind.

WordPress, Theme and Plugin Updates

We will ensure that your WordPress platform, theme and plugins are updated to the latest version to deter security breaches. Updates are completed monthly after we are confident that the update is stable and will not affect your theme or plugins.

We’ve made it easy to sign-up for our Web Care Packages online!

Of course, if you’re frustrated by your hosting company, you can always move your hosting to Web Strategies. Our team is ready to help migrate your website to our servers and are always available to help with any issues you might have.

With us, you’re not just a call in a queue. You’re a real business with real needs and we will do everything we can to help! Just reach out and let us know!

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