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Get to know me, Emily

Hi, I’m Emily, one of our developers here at Web Strategies. I’ve been with the company for six years and I was lucky enough to find this position straight out of college. Over the years I’ve worn many hats and built many websites and today I’m here to tell you a bit about myself and what I do for Web Strategies!

I have known I’ve wanted to do web design ever since I was in elementary school. I started learning basic HTML to make adjustments to my web pages and loved the challenge it presented me. From there I continued this interest through high school and eventually attended James Madison University where I studied Media Arts and Design with a concentration in Converged Media. There I learned about WordPress, front-end coding languages, and UX/UI design. 

From there I came back to Winchester and accepted that I would probably need to commute to northern Virginia to find a job in my field. Fortunately, through a lead from a classmate, I found out about Web Strategies and was hired within a month of graduation! I love working in downtown Winchester and being a part of the community and small businesses here. I’ve been able to build websites for a vast array of different companies and solve unique problems each time. 

When I’m not at the office, I’m usually found working on renovating my home with my husband, Ryan. I’ve found a love for power tools (and big saws) and enjoy building, just like a physical puzzle instead of a virtual one. One of my biggest strengths is being able to solve problems and turn them into beautiful solutions. I find some of the same creative problem-solving abilities in redesigning websites as I do in interior design and building. My favorite design space is where technical solutions and beautiful spaces collide. Spaces that are completely user-friendly and also stunning to look at make me so very happy. 

So that’s me in a nutshell. I work, I renovate, and oh yeah, I play with all three “office” cats: Gordon, Bruce, and Jack (my home manager). It all keeps me on my toes, but I’m so fortunate to not have to commute and be able to spend time doing things I love. If your website needs a refresh, I’d love to look at it and discuss how we can improve 

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