Branding in Marketing – Part 3

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If you’ve been sticking with me through our dive into branding, you should have a pretty solid idea of what it is, how to begin establishing yours, and why it’s important. Today we’re going to wrap things up by looking at the importance of branding in marketing.

Let’s look at this through the eyes of Lisa, a make-believe interior designer. She’s just finished design school and is ready to strike out on her own. She knows who her ideal client is – suburban, upper-middle-class families who like modern farmhouse design – and knows she does her best work when utilizing neutral and pastel color palettes. She’s got her brand. Now she needs to start creating her business presence, both online and in print. She needs a logo, a website, printed marketing materials, and social media accounts. If she wants to market to and attract like-minded clients strategically, she needs to represent her brand accurately. Visitors to her website should see a modern site that utilizes neutrals and pastels and showcases professional images of her upscale, modern farmhouse designs and an elegant yet unpretentious logo. All of the other aspects of her marketing should echo the website design, creating brand consistency across multiple platforms. Potential clients will feel confident in their choice to hire Lisa because they will know exactly what to expect, all due to pinpointed and consistent branding. You go, Lisa.

Well, friends, we’ve come to the end of our journey through branding. As always, if you need help with branding, marketing, or website design, we’re here to help!

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