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Why Users Love Short, Bite-Sized Website Content

In today’s fast-paced world, attention spans are shrinking, and website visitors are becoming increasingly impatient. We have become skimmers! It is more important than ever to break up long copy on a website into short, digestible chunks. Not only does this make the content easier to read, but it also improves user engagement and retention rates.

Website copy is the text or words you use on the pages of your website. Web copy is the core text that navigates users through your website. It tells them what they need to know about your site.

Breaking up long copy into smaller chunks makes it easier to read. When faced with a wall of text, readers are more likely to skim or skip over it. However, by dividing the content into smaller sections, each with its own headline, readers can quickly and easily find the information they seek. This helps to keep them engaged and prevents them from becoming frustrated and leaving the website.

Moreover, shorter chunks of content are easier to comprehend. Complex or technical information can be daunting, but by breaking it down into smaller pieces, readers can better understand and retain it. Shorter paragraphs also make it easier to scan and digest the content. This is particularly important for websites that offer services or products that require a degree of explanation, as it ensures that users can fully understand what they are getting into.

Here are a few tips for breaking up your text:

  • Break up your text into sizeable chunks and sections. Only say what needs to be told and remove the extra words. You can add visuals and images to support it.
  • Add subheadings to help break up content or transition to the next point. Subheadings are also great for users to scan and get a feel for the full copy.
  • Use lists, callout quotes, or blurbs.
  • Emphasize keywords and phrases with bold, italics. Incorporate color or use added periods for emphasis.
  • Break up the copy into another page (if appropriate), or consider a blog post.

By investing time in formatting website copy in a user-friendly way, website owners can improve the overall user experience and ultimately achieve their desired goals. Remember to keep it simple and cut out the fluff. Do you need assistance in editing your copy? We’ve got you. Contact us, and we’ll let you know what we can do to help.

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