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What your home page says about you

Everyone has a different opener when it comes to their website’s homepage. Some are loud and bright, others are more subtle and understated. We feel like we’ve seen them all! Today we’re sharing what your home page says about you.

You have a video on your home page
You have a unique facility to showcase and want to show others in a creative way. Videos may feel very on trend at the moment but they do capture attention in a unique way and can communicate things quickly. Make sure your video is shot well and not too long.

You have a picture of your team on your home page
You are a very customer focused business and want users to feel welcome and comfortable entering your site. We always recommend having faces somewhere on your site to humanize your business and help users give legitimacy to your site. 

You have a picture of your business location on your home page
You want users to know where your shop or office is. There is some value in recognizing a building as you drive by and knowing where you could stop in. As mentioned above, it also increases a user’s familiarity with your brand and location and could get them to stop in next time they see it. 

You have an abstract background or pattern on your home page
You may not have many visually interesting things to showcase on your site and that’s ok! Take this opportunity to write a powerful mission statement on your background that gives users a clear idea of what they can expect on your website. 

You have a carousel on your home page
You might have a lot of work to showcase to your viewers. Although still a popular option, carousels could be interpreted as a past trend. It’s important to remember not to load your carousel up with too many photos as to not slow down the page load time.

So which home page do you have? If your home page needs an overhaul and isn’t making the impression it needs to, we can help you get it back where it needs to be. Give us a call or fill out the form to give us some more information about your site!

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