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August is National Wellness Month and we have spent the month compiling and sharing wellness tips for home, work, and that all-important leisure time. It’s all too easy to get into the busyness of the day and forget to do simple things like get up and walk around for a few minutes every hour, or drink water throughout the day. We’ve found that these simple tips help us prioritize the time we’re at work without sacrificing our personal wellness. Here are some wellness tips from our team to you!

  1. Apply the 2-minute rule. No one is immune to procrastination, especially when it comes to menial tasks and busy work. To avoid having those small tasks pile up and become a big task, apply the 2-minute rule. If you have a task you can complete in two minutes or less (taking out the trash, acknowledging that email, putting away those stray papers on your desk), do it right now. It’s a great way to knock out some daily chores or tasks in a minimal amount of time and help you feel productive. Conversely, if you have a larger task, try breaking it into smaller tasks that you can handle quickly one at a time. Feeling productive generally snowballs into more productivity.
  2. Take standing breaks. Many of us are desk/chair bound for the vast majority of our workdays, whether we’re working from home or are back at the office. This can lead to tight hips and weakened glutes. To help keep your body balanced, take a break every hour to stand up, stretch your legs, and walk around if possible. It also helps to clear your mind for a few minutes, which is beneficial to everyone.
  3. Drink that water! The adult human body contains around 60% water. All the cells in the body, including our brain cells, depend on this water to carry out essential functions. Therefore, if water levels are too low, our brain cells cannot function properly, leading to cognitive problems. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have at least six reusable water bottles in their home, so there’s no reason not to have drinking water with you at all times.
  4. Prioritize your mental health. After a tumultuous 2020 and the ups and downs of this year, nearly half of Americans in a Kaiser Family Foundation poll said their mental health has taken a recent turn for the worse. There is no substitute for professional help (please reach out to us if you need resources), but making your mental health a priority by establishing a few positive daily habits is something we can all do for ourselves right now. Beginning every day with something that calms you and helps jumpstart your day in a positive mindset is a simple place to start. This can be anything from reading a book with your coffee, doing yoga, getting some fresh air, or making a point to have a healthy breakfast. Simple, repeated self-care behaviors can make a big difference in our daily outlook.

We encourage you to try all of our wellness tips and find some of your own. Visit our #wellnessmonth posts on Instagram and comment with your favorite wellness tips!

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