Web Design Trends for 2022

We’re always keeping our ears to the ground when it comes to industry trends, but we’re especially excited about some of the web design trends already emerging (or reemerging) in 2022.

Design trends can shape everything from how we as designers create to how users interact with a website. However, like all trends, some can also zoom in and fade out of style very quickly, so it’s important to dabble in new trends while simultaneously keeping an eye on longevity. Here are some web design trends for 2022 that we foresee sticking around for a while.

Inclusive Design

From language and alt text to imagery, designers of all kinds are working toward a more inclusive web. Inclusivity in web design extends to race, ability, culture, gender neutrality, and accessibility. Your website should be built so that anyone who wants to can access the content and see others they can relate to on the screen.

When approaching inclusive design, keep in mind the old adage, “actions speak louder than words.” Telling is not as important as showing, and being genuine is more important than forcing it.

Bold and Experimental Typography

There’s no wrong way to do typography, and we admit we’re a bit obsessed. Big, bold fonts are everywhere in 2022 and look fantastic. When playing with this trend, think about how the typefaces will respond on mobile screens and maximize impact for visitors. There are endless possibilities – from outlines to color fonts to fills and shifting shapes, bold and experimental types are dominating website designs.

Split-Screen Aesthetics

In years past, split-screen aesthetics were trendy due to their usability and responsiveness. But in 2022, they’re roaring back into fashion due to design. This trend not only offers a robust visual experience but can also provide multiple entry points to guide users deeper into site content. This trend can include screens that are split horizontally or vertically, with each side having the same or different functional or click actions.

Layered Effects

Elements that stack, merge, and overlap can establish connectivity between design elements and a depth effect. Layered effects can be direct or understated, and both options can work together or alone for overall impact.

If this has inspired you to think about how you can incorporate some of these elements into an existing project or as a part of something new, give us a call! Let’s freshen up your site for 2022!

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