Three design risks to consider for a website redesign

I get it. You have a corporate business, and corporate business websites are expected to have a level of formality to them. But what if we could keep the formality and add another level of intrigue and interest to your pages? I always encourage business owners to add some personality and character (in classy ways of course) to their site. Here are three design “risks” I wish you would take with your website redesign.

1. Loud fonts

Infuse your website with some character! Fonts can immediately convey tone and set the mood for the user. Still want to be serious? Use a large formal serif font in an extra wide format for page titles to command attention. Don’t be afraid to use some contrast. The font used for your body should be different enough from your headings, and they shouldn’t look like they’re trying to compete for attention. Feeling spunky? Throw in a third font in a completely different style (and color) to highlight smaller sections.

2. Something more personal

You all know that we love our office cats and are super pet friendly over here. It’s one thing that makes us unique. Share a personal anecdote, an exceptional testimonial, a silly team photo, a fun fact for each team member, or something that users won’t soon forget. This not only helps you connect with your audience but keeps them interested while viewing your site.

3. Video content

Whether it’s location drone footage, services in action montage, or team introduction, video content will make your site stand apart from the rest. Many of our clients have chosen to feature full-width videos on their homepages and we are excited every time. Videos will also tend to keep users’ attention longer, keeping them on your site and introducing your services without any words. We have even compiled stock video footage to use in some instances.

Hopefully, I’ve shown you that taking these design “risks” isn’t risky at all. We are here to help you implement these elements into your existing site or your new site! Don’t pass up a great option for making your site stand out in the fear of looking too current. We have clients in many formal industries, with wonderfully fun and dynamic sites. Yours could be next.

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