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Things to Check on Your E-commerce Shop Before the Holiday Season

With the holiday season always approaching more rapidly than the last, we wanted to remind shop owners of the things to check on your e-commerce shop before things get crazy. Managing a shop can be a lot of work, but staying ahead of the game makes your life easier and can make for a better experience for your customers. With these items checked off your list, you’ll be able to have more time helping your customers instead of managing your shop.

1. Inventory

If you keep inventory on your site, make sure your numbers are up to date! No one likes running into the middle of selling season with half of their numbers in. WooCommerce can turn on or turn off tracking inventory, so if you have goods that are always in stock no matter what, there’s no need to keep track. Simply toggle to In-Stock.

2. Product images

Never a bad idea to update product images or fill in missing ones. Many customers love seeing a gallery for each product, so even if you have featured images, consider adding a few more from different angles or showing them in use for better representation. Some shops include a spec image, if appropriate, to indicate dimensions or form.

3. New Arrivals

Get those new products in. Nothing is more exciting than a new launch or options right before the holiday season. Add a callout on your home page to announce these new arrivals as well, to attract attention to them.

4. Sale Prices

If you are planning any sales this season, go ahead and plan them out along with the sale prices for each item. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to schedule sale prices, but making a little spreadsheet with dates and prices always helps you stay on track. Set a reminder on your calendar to add the sale prices. Pro tip: use the quick edit feature in WooCommerce to make this faster if you have simple products.

5. Newsletter Announcements *BONUS*

Don’t forget to schedule newsletters for each event announcing new arrivals, sale prices, and holiday items. Getting them done in advance definitely helps you stay ahead of schedule and not worry about getting one more thing done. Synchronizing launches and marketing will help you increase sales and keep viewers returning.

So all you shop owners, prepare to close out Q4 with your best effort. We hope these tips will help you finish the year on a high note. Check off these items on your e-commerce shop before the holiday season and spend some deserved time with family. We wish you the best! As always, just give us a call if you need any help with implementation.

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