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The Hallmarks of a Great Website

We’ve talked at length about ways to improve your website in certain ways but what are the hallmarks of a great website? Sites that stand out in some way and go above and beyond what you expected when visiting the site. We think no matter how small, all websites should be great in some way. Here are some things that make a website extra special.

Quick Load Times

This one may go unnoticed as slow load times are more noticeable but it’s really the best way to make a user experience great! When users are able to move through a site quickly their patience isn’t tested and usually stay on the site longer to find what they’re looking for.

Clear Language

For navigation titles, buttons, and hyperlinks, clear language is a must! There is a time and a place for fun and quirky branded language but when users are quickly skimming a site for an action item or direction, they are usually looking for specific words related to that item. In addition, keep these items to as few words as possible.

A Unique Brand Package

I love seeing websites that have a great brand identity and showcase it in a unique way. Using fonts and colors that I haven’t seen before or used in a new way along with branding graphics and icons can really pull a website from “meh,” to “wow!” We also include branding photos in this same category. Using all of these elements together really tell an amazing story about your company and values without words.

How does your website stack up? Are you needing a rebrand to set yourself apart from the competition, or maybe you need faster loading times? If you want to make your website a place where users have a pleasant experience consider these tips. If you’re not sure where to start or how to approach these tips, contact us! We’d be happy to sit down with you and discuss next steps.

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