The Recipe For A Perfect Logo

Your logo is the face of your business. It’s the visual representation and often the first impression for potential clients. Visual Branding is key when creating the right marketing path for your business goals. Whether you’re an existing business ready for a refresh or brand new in need of a custom logo to call your own, it’s a big decision that should not be taken lightly. A dated logo could give the wrong impression of similar “dated” business practices. While a fresh logo created to “match the times” could give the wrong impression of a business that won’t last just like a trend. There’s a fine line between a classic logo that can withstand the times and a design that puts off the wrong impression. At Web Strategies, we’re passionate about using great design to help you tell stories, connect with customers and grow your brand. By uncovering what makes your business unique and different, we create beautiful graphics that help you deliver your message effectively.

“A logo is more than just a pretty image for customers to look at while they use a product or service. It’s the face of an entire brand, a symbol that determines how people feel about that particular company. For example, if a restaurant’s logo is cold and unappetizing, potential customers are going to associate that image with their food.” We couldn’t have said it better when we came across this article on breaking down the recipe for a perfect logo. Check out the helpful infographic below.

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