Problem Solving

As you may have guessed, today we’re talking about problem-solving. Specifically, problem-solving and how it relates to web design. There are several ways we use problem-solving to complete tasks day-to-day here at the office. Let’s dig in.

Part of my role as a designer is to listen to our clients, hear their needs for a website and then build a website based on those requirements. Sounds easy? Yeah right. Every website comes with its set of challenges and we work through many different problems to get things squared away for the client. Problem-solving is essential in making an effective site. Sometimes it’s solving the problem of organizing a navigation menu clearly so that the information can be found. Other times it’s solving a complex product ordering problem so that users have a seamless experience on the site.

Problem-solving can also look like fixing a thing that is broken. Clients may come to us with a complaint that something on their site doesn’t operate the way it should or the way it used to. We take extra care to investigate the problem thoroughly and find the root cause of the issue. Sometimes the issue is deprecated or outdated code that is no longer operating because it is old. Sometimes it’s an issue with plugins that no longer support certain options. Sometimes we find that it’s the internet browser that has the issue (I’m looking at you Internet Explorer users).

Whatever the case, problem-solving comes into our work environments daily. Our whole team has become experts in dealing with similar problems that arise and adapting to ones we haven’t encountered before. Each problem we encounter makes us stronger and more effective as a unit. Do you have an issue you’re looking for help with on your site? We’d be happy to use our problem-solving skills and get you some help!

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