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Mountain View Solar

Mountain View Solar

Mountain View Solar (mtvSolar) is one of the region’s largest solar installation companies, providing residential, commercial, and municipal installation services. However, their website and marketing collateral needed to be refocused and revitalized.

They engaged Web Strategies not only to redesign their website but also to do a deep dive into their company’s history and culture in order to develop their branding story. The resulting website redesign and updated marketing collateral were a result of this detailed brand development process.

Together with the wonderful folks at mtvSolar, our team has taken their online presence up a notch, ensuring consistent branding and messaging through all marketing channels, presenting the services they offer in a clear way, and making it easy for potential clients to find the information they need and take the next steps toward working with mtvSolar. We’re so proud to have partnered with Mike McKechnie and his whole team. Check out their awesome new site!

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