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Keith Rocco

Keith Rocco

We love designing websites. All websites! But, sometimes, a project comes along that allows us to stretch our creative muscles and truly get excited. The artist Keith Rocco’s out-of-date and low-functioning website was problematic for years. Finding it increasingly difficult to process sales, track shipping, and maintain inventory, the team over at the studio decided it was finally time to do a total rehaul.

Upon meeting with the client, we determined the overall goals were simple: create a beautiful website that would aid in administrative tasks and make viewing and purchasing work easy for customers.

After taking the time to fall in love with Keith Rocco’s incredible work, we set out to create the website of his dreams, including the following cool features:

  • Portfolio representing work available organized by category
  • Preview pages viewable for available books
  • Magnifying glass feature to be used on images
  • Purchase fields identifying specific options for each available piece
  • Security features including watermarked images and print feature disabled
  • Integration of WooCommerce for sales, inventory, and shipping services

The final product perfectly combines form and function, checking all of the client’s boxes and a few of ours added for good measure. We invite you to take a look at this stunning new site and get familiar with this extraordinary local artist!

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