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Blue Ridge Eye Specialists

Blue Ridge Eye Specialists

Blue Ridge Eye Specialists, a reputable eye care practice led by Dr. Fink, recognized the need for a modern, user-friendly website to better serve their patients and improve their online presence. Their existing website had an outdated design and was difficult to update without the involvement of a developer. Dr. Fink reached out to Web Strategies, a web design and development agency, to revamp their website and bring it up to contemporary standards. This case study highlights the key aspects of this successful website redesign project.


1. Modernize the Website: The primary goal was to give the Blue Ridge Eye Specialists’ website a fresh and contemporary look, aligning it with current web design trends to create a visually appealing platform.

2. User-Friendly Content Management: The client needed the ability to manage and update their website content independently without relying on a developer, thus reducing maintenance costs.

3. Showcase Services: Introduce a new service, OptiLight, for dry eyes, and effectively communicate its benefits to potential patients.

4. Enhance Visual Content: The website needed to incorporate a wealth of high-quality images that could showcase the practice, facilities, and staff to build trust and connect with patients.


1. Collaborative Consultation: Web Strategies initiated the project by conducting a series of meetings with Dr. Fink to understand their specific needs, preferences, and goals for the new website.

2. Responsive Design: The team at Web Strategies created a responsive website that looks great and functions seamlessly on various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

3. User-Friendly Content Management: Web Strategies implemented a Content Management System (CMS) that allowed the Blue Ridge Eye Specialists team to easily update and manage content on the website, including text, images, and service information.

4. OptiLight Integration: To promote the new service, OptiLight, a dedicated page was created with comprehensive information to highlight its effectiveness.

The collaboration between Blue Ridge Eye Specialists and Web Strategies resulted in a successful website redesign project. The new website not only improved the clinic’s online presence but also allowed them to better connect with their patients by providing up-to-date information, showcasing their new service, and enhancing the visual appeal. The user-friendly content management system empowered the clinic to maintain their website independently, saving time and resources. Overall, the redesign significantly contributed to Blue Ridge Eye Specialists’ continued success in providing top-quality eye care services.

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