My Favorite Resources as a Web Designer

When it comes to designing websites, I usually have everything that I need, but sometimes I need a little extra help or an extra tool to help me complete the job easier or more efficiently. Here are my favorite resources as a web designer that I use almost every day.


Who doesn’t love/hate Google? This is honestly my first go-to in my quest to find an answer to a question I don’t have or a resource that I didn’t know I needed. Sometimes I’m googling error codes or googling for code snippets, or sometimes just a reference to how a code element works. Anything from issues to design examples, you name it, I’ve googled it.


I’ve mentioned this one before, but it’s a good one. Coolors is a website that generates color palettes! It is super fun to play with and look at. I have created a free account which allows me to create projects and save palettes to those projects. I can even upload a client’s logo and pull precise colors from that logo which better helps me make sure that the colors I use on the site are correct.


This is another resource that I’ve used for a long time! I believe as far back as in school. is an incredible website that has technical references to many coding languages. Whenever I encounter an attribute that I need to know how to target, and I don’t have the CSS reference for it, I’ll go over to W3Schools and find what I need. I learn something new every time I have to look something up.

So there you have it. These are some of the most used resources that I use as a web designer. Hope that gives you a little bit of insight into how I spend my time here (so much googling). Stay tuned for another roundup of my web designer resource tools!

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