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Hard Lessons to Learn in Marketing

Listen, as much as we would like to think, marketing is not a plug-and-play process. Through the years we’ve encountered many businesses and many marketing strategies. And while the marketing landscape continues to change, there are a few constants that we see our clients and community not adhering to. Here are some hard lessons to learn in marketing.

You Are Not Your Ideal Audience

When we approach a marketing campaign we’re often thinking of our client’s target audience and the perspectives they may come with. While we rely heavily on our client’s subject matter expertise to understand the product or service being offered, we know they can never be their own perfect customer. When we can separate ourselves from the ideal customer we can then understand what their lives may be like to better market to them.

Not adapting to new technologies

Refusing to learn a new platform or update your website is a quick way to start losing potential clients. We know it can be hard to continue to change with the times especially when it seems like things are changing quickly. Get help when you need it and consider adding a platform that your ideal audience participates in.

Casting your net too wide

Not everyone needs to be your customer. Blasting marketing materials to the masses in the hopes that it reaches the people who are interested can be a waste of time and money. Focus your efforts and niche down when it comes to your audience. Who are they and what are some characteristics about them? Knowing your niche can help you focus your marketing efforts on those who are more likely to buy.

Marketing can be so overwhelming it can be hard to know if the efforts you are putting in are getting you anywhere. Keep these lessons in mind next time you’re planning your marketing out. Q1 is a great time to get organized and get a better plan of attack together for the new year. If you haven’t gotten started on that yet or want an audit of your website and socials, we’d be happy to come alongside you and help get you back where you need to go.

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