Make it easier for your clients to leave a Google Review. Google reviews are a great way to boost your search engine rankings. Maintaining your Google Business profile alerts Google to your updates and activity. Google profiles are especially important to local businesses trying to boost their local SEO. Getting great feedback makes any business owner thrilled to hear how happy their clients are. Having that postitive feedback visable to any potential clients is that much better. The hard reality is that getting reviews, isn’t always easy. People utilize search engines, like Google, for their needs. They need to find something, do a quick search, etc. Rarely, are people just browsing around Google for something to do. This makes it harder to just hope they come across your Google profile and feel inclined enough to leave a review while their at it. Make it a little easier for them to help spread the good word about your business.

There’s a cool, FREE, tool offered by WhiteSpark designed to help your local SEO by providing a quick and easy link to your Google profile for reviews. You can use this tool “to easily find your business and generate your unique Google Review link. Then share the short URL with your customers and grow your Google reviews.” We recently followed the simple steps they provide for our own website and it worked great. Before adding the link, click through your site to determine the best location; the footer, on a testimonials page, under the contact, on the homepage, where will your visitors find it? Once you’ve found the perfect spot you need to create an image to draw attention to that call to action. Please remember to not just copy an image you find on Google, you don’t want to run into copyright issues. Create your own image, purchase one or find an image that you have the rights to use. Once you’ve added and tested the new link, spread the news. Share it on your social media and get those reviews flowing.

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