Creating a Viral Marketing Campaign

Creating a viral marketing campaign is the goal for any business. However, the secret to creating a viral campaign is almost impossible predict. There are several steps a business can take to increase the chances of having a successful campaign. These steps are discussed in 7 Steps to Create a Viral Marketing Campaign.

Visual. To have a campaign go viral, make it visually appealing. Add a video or image to increase the chances of going viral. Images and video are excellent ways to gain exposure, even if your campaign is mostly text.

Plan. Your business can’t make the campaign go viral, but you can plan to ensure the message is clear. Carefully script out written content used for the campaign and how the message will be delivered.

Emotions.  Simply putting information out there is not enough. Adding emotion will grab the audience’s attention and draw them in. The best viral campaigns are the ones that pull at the audience’s emotions, either in a humorous or serious manner. When you plan your campaign, make sure that there is an emotional catch.

Audience. What does your audience want? Are they hoping for secret information? Are they looking to be entertained? Do they want to be informed or clever? If you can answer these questions, you are steps closer to a great campaign.

Simple. The campaign should be simple and clear. A short video, simple infographic or a concise article will give your audience the message they are looking for. Once your audience starts growing, you can then provide them with more information if desired.

Launch. Planning the campaign is the first step. Once the campaign is planned and ready, its time to launch it.  Think about when and where your audience will see your campaign. Will it be social media, email, or a combination of both? Encourage your audience to share with their friends.

Don’t Force It. Don’t overwhelm your audience with your campaign. If it will go viral, it will. You do not want to push the message to the point that your audience is not longer interested. Gently remind your audience and see what happens.

There are two parts to a successful campaign. First ,you want to increase the exposure of your brand. Second is to improve your relationship with your existing audience.

Here at Web Strategies, we are ready to help you and your business with its marketing campaign. We work with our clients to establish a bond and understand what they want to get out of their campaigns. We offer graphic design with marketing print collateral that will be both personal and professional.


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