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Boosting your Facebook page is more than just running a random ad here and there. It’s about creating optimized posts and knowing how to run paid ads. If you’ve set up a business profile successfully, you are already on the right track. Maintaining steady posts and activity can be a different story. You can’t expect to keep your followers or gain new ones if your Facebook page is stagnant. Weekly posts, responding to comments and messages, and regular sharing is key to getting your social network going strong. If you have a good grip on the basics of sharing and what your audience likes, it’s probably time to consider the types of posts that can boost your page as well as paid ads.

What should you be posting? While this is a broad category since it’s different for each industry, there is a common theme for popular posts and that’s the visual factor. Content is still king when it comes to search engines and keeping your audience coming back however, crabbing their attention to even read the content is proving to be priority. Images and videos are a must. We are in a visual age and people want to see attractive imagery and interesting videos. Facebook offers multiple ways for you to showcase these features. You can add an image to any post. You can add multiple images via a slideshow or carousel and create a video like story with those images. You can upload videos or do Facebook Live videos to interact with your audience in real time. Even though we love videos for the reason that they give us more detail than a simple photo, we still don’t want to watch them for long periods. Keep it short and sweet, 15 seconds or shorter is a pleasing time for most audiences. Determine what your followers are attracted to and perfect it. Give them what they want and you’ll continue to grow in the social world.

Once you’ve gotten comfortable with managing your posts and providing the types your followers want you can move forward on boosting them and running paid ads. You can promote your page and gain likes by running an ad. Take your time and go through the details of the focus audience, demographics, location, and interests. Who do you need to target? Who will click on that ad when they see it? Don’t just put some money into the ad without customizing the delivery options. If you’ve created a great post and you want to expand your reach with that valuable information, do a boost. Similar to a page ad, you can take your time with the the details of your boost to ensure you are effectively boosting your content. If you are utilizing images in any paid boost you, your image needs to contain 20% or less text to be approved.




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