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Gorilla Arms, LLC started as a hobby business growing in popularity over social media. Hitting over 20,000 followers on instagram and a steady influx to their customer base, Gorilla Arms wanted to move forward in the right direction. They came to us ready for a full e-Commerce website solution to showcase their custom products and featured deals, while incorporating their social media following they had built so well. We worked with them to establish a clean structure to the site allowing for the focus to be on the details of the products. As the company is still in their growing stages they will be adding content and pages to enhance and meet their users experience and expectations. We took their complex product breakdown and kept a simplistic navigation for ease of use. They are diving in just in time for BlackFriday with an e-Commerce structure that meets their current needs while also having the backend ability to grow as their demand grows in time.

Project Details

Client: Gorilla Arms, LLC
Skills: Website Design
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