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C3 Cycle Tech

C3 Cycle Tech

C3 Cycle Tech located in Berryville, Virginia sells used motorcycle parts. Like, ALOT of motorcycle parts. Their warehouse has everything from tires, to batteries, spark plugs, to exhaust systems, brakes, filters, and replacement motors. What they didn’t have was a functioning website! Enter: Web Strategies.

Tackling the monstrous task of cataloging and integrating the thousands of products in the C3 catalog within a WordPress platform and creating a seamless communication between WooCommerce with the client’s existing Sixbit software proved to be a challenging and exciting undertaking. Priority number one for the team at C3 was to guarantee their constantly fluctuating inventory was represented in real-time to their customer base as well as reflecting in their internal database. Of course, we made it happen.

Designing an aesthetically pleasing website may have been secondary in importance to the C3 team but was just as crucial for our developers who know that a spiffy-looking site will catch and hold a viewer’s attention. Ultimately, the brand new C3 Cycle Tech package works like a dream and looks like one too. We had a blast with this one – make sure you check it out!

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